Kara – My Thoughts

Wow! This is such a beautifully written, directed and shot fan-made Star Wars movie. It is 7 and a half minutes long, but it is epic. I really recommend that you wathc this. And yes, this post will have spoilers (if you even want to call them that) so if you want to just go ahead and watch the film first, you are more than welcome to do that. It is embeded at the very bottom of this post.

Usually Star Wars films (official and fan-made) are much more happy and jolly, if you know what I mean. They show Jedi kicking ass and stuff like that. The previous fan-made Star Wars film that I reviewed was awesome, but it had much more of a happy spirit. And that was totally fine, because that was the mood of that film.

This one is much darker and shows a girl, Kara, as she recently discovered that she has Force powers. She’s on Tatooine (or Jakkhu or any of the other dessert planet) with upposedly her father and they are trying to get to a rebel base. This suggests that this is happening somewhere around the original trilogy.

Soon, right above their heads, there is a battle between rebel X-Wings and emperial TIE Fighters. It looks like the rebels are winning but one X-Wing still crashes right in front of them. A woman comes out, who at first points a blaster at them, but then decides to help them get to the rebel base.

Soon enough though, stormtroopers start emptying their magazines (do blasters even have magazines) at them. The woman and the father both fire at them and they tell Kara to stay down. But soon she gets really angry and uses the Force to lift all of the stormtroopers. She is terrified. She isn’t proud of her powers or excited about them. She is afraid of them.

I mean, yes. This film does have some very minor flaws, but we have to remember that it is fan-made without all of the newest technology on Earth that Disney has. We are all welcome to rub any continuity errors in The Force Awakens in Disney’s face, but this movie is fully fan-made and we have to understand that. And it is a brilliant film anyways.

I hope that you enjoyed this short review if you want to check out my review on Rebel Scum, click right here. If you want to check out the producer behing Kara and other awesome fan-made films click right here.



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