Are all Superheroes Science Fiction?

“Not all science fiction is superheroes. Not all superheroes are science fiction.” That is a rule of thumb to remember what I am about to tell you today. When many people think of science fiction, they immedietely think of superheroes. And that sure does make sense. Because many superheroes are indeed science fiction. But are all of them science fiction?

All of this of course also depends on your own definition of superhero. To you, is Batman a superhero? Is Iron Man a superhero? Is Green Arrow a superhero?  Is the Black Widow a superheroine?

Now yes, I do think that they are superheroes. However let’s take a closer look at wether or not they are actually superheroes. Just keep in mind my two rules of defining science fiction. The first one is that it must be about people or other creatures with better technology than us. My second rule is that there must be a somewhat realistic explanation behind everything extraordinary that is happening.

So first of all, let’s take a look at Batman. He fights crime alright, but is he sci-fi? In most versions he has pretty advanced technology, so I will leave it that it depends on the movie/comic/show.

Next we have Iron Man. Yes, he is definitely science fiction! He has a freackin’ flying suit that also shoots repulsor rays!

How about Green Arrow? Is he science fiction? Well he does have quite a few different types of arrows, but is that really better technology than we have? I’m not too sure. But similar to Batman, different versions of him have different arrows. So yeah, it depends.

And last but not least, is Black Widow sci-fi? She has those gaunlets thingies in the movies, doesn’t she? So yeah, she is sort of science fiction.

And I know what you are asking now. So are there even superheroes that aren’t science fiction? Yes, there are! Superheros that aren’t sci-fi are basically just vigilanites gighting crime. For exampe, Zorro is a superhero (in my opinion) yet he is not science fiction.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post. If you want to read more, just visit my daily sci-fi blog. I haven’t missed a single weekday since the start of my blog, and I am planning to keep it that way. Anyway, have a Wonderful Wednesday. So long! 😉

Zorro is the perfect example of a superhero that isn’t science fiction



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