The Future (short poem)

Yeah. This is a bonus Saturday post! This is because I am taking part in a contest for bloggers hosted by Ines. I did a poem about the future. I hope that I win. 🙂


It’s Summer of twenty-five-ninety-eight,

This time is really great,

Artificial sunshine twenty-four by seven,

This really feels like Heaven


I don’t have to do any chores,

And there is no need for me to go to stores,

Everything’s done by a press,

Of a button, including clearing the mess


All I do is play,

And have fun all day,

There’s no need for me to school,

Since doing nothing at all is cool


Someone from the past would probably tell me I’m lazy,

But I would just say that they’re crazy,

Then again all I do is play on my VR,

And go around in a self-driven car


But as I do those fun things I do,

I sometimes wish I had the skills kids used to,

Like being able to write and read,

And I don’t think I ever did a good dead,

Other than sit on the hovering couch.


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