My Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Illuminati Theory

Time for another theory. I came up with this one while re-watching all of the AOS season 3 episodes so far before the second half comes out. This theory is about the Illuminati. In the comics various heroes are members. Find out more about the MARVEL Illuminati here. Oh and yeah, spoiler alert for season 3.

Remember that scene where those men are gathered in the castle. They use stones to pick out which one of them shall be sent into the monolith. Nobody ever came back from those missions of theirs (as far as we know). Now historically, this group of men seems very similar to the Freemasons, who later evolved into the Illuminati.

Yes, I know. The Illuminati from the MARVEL comics wasn’t the same thing as the historical Illuminati, but the MCU like turning things around, don’t they? Also another thing that might be proof against my theory is that in “Closure“, Gideon Malick suggests to Ward that that secret society was actually Hydra.

I mean, Malick seem’s to be that guys who knows a lot more about Hydra’s past that I do, right? So I’m just speculating here, but what if that group of men was Hydra and the Illuminati. That is still extremely plausible. What if Hydra and the Illuminati used to be the same organisation? But they later split up and The Illuminati took over NASA and continued their ritual by sending Will through the portal. What if Will is part of the Illuminati and he wasn’t sent through the Monolith because he volunteered to, but because he was selected to via that weird stone thing.

And in the comics, who is the leader of the Illuminati? You have three guesses. No, not Coulson. No, not Ward. No, not the Incredible Hulk. It’s no other than Tony Stark!!!!

And this takes us to the Civil War. Those who have watched it say that, “The ending will be very controversial for some people”. Is it possible that Tony might call in the rest of the Illuminati to help him take down Cap? But wait a minute… what is the Illuminati famously after? The New World Order!!! And the entire movie will be about the Superhuman Registration Act. And who might have issued the Registration Act? The Illuminati!!!

I hope that you enjoyed this theory post. I am the original creator of this theory and I am giving everyone permission to use it in their own post, videos ect. but please give me credit. That’s it from me know. See thee soon and have a Marvelous Monday!

some crazy conspiracy theorists say that the Illuminati still exist and that this is their logo.





3 thoughts on “My Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – Illuminati Theory

    1. how is it scary? Scary there is nothing scary about an ancient organization taking over NASA and it’s leader being one of the most trusted people on earth and then he tony using the illuminati to his advantage to take down his own ally. Actually yeah, i see your point.

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