Let it Snow!

When the Empire Strikes Back (1980) came out, there was that epic battle scene one Hoth. Well, epic for those times. Anyway, that one scene where the rebels were kicking the Imperial AT-AT‘s ass (not literally) inspired a new idea of a good sci-fi battle scene.

Before the Empire Strikes Back, a fight in the snow was just something that kids have outside. You know, a snowball fight. In 1980 Star Wars managed to actually make a serious life-threatening battle set on the snowy desert planet of Hoth.

In the snow, Luke was almost killed by a wampa, Han killed a Tong Tong, the Empire attacked the Rebel base and the rebels destroyed their AT-ATs like a boss. That all happened in the snow.

35 years later, in 2015, The Avengers: Age of Ultron came out. Flash back to the first opening scene and The Avengers are heroically fighting Hydra… in the snow!

I know that the weather is a really small detail, but it can set the mood of the scene. What was MARVEL trying to show us by setting that battle scene in the snow?

If you think about it, snow is very similar to rain, only that it is so cold that it forms small frozen ice crystals. And the rain often means that the scene is very sad. Only that this rain is frozen, so it is even sadder. Because Hydra is trying to do something horrible. They want to take over the world, they run experiments on humans, they kill people.

But snow is usually recognized as rather happy weather. This could mean that although the scene is very dark and sad, the Avengers try to defeat Hydra and make that dark scene better. There is also lots of friendly banter among them. They find the silver lining of the bad situation. That’s what the snow means.

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And now you can even play on Hoth in Battlefront.


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