The Flash Mid-Season Premiere – My Thoughts

W-w-wow. Wow. This episode is so… it’s so wow. That’s all I have to say. It has a really weird mix of being full poop and being really good. I mean, if all the episodes until the end of the season are going to be like this then I am in an absolute shock! Also, spoiler alert.

This episode barely brings anything new to the table, apart from some small details that we never even wanted to know. There is one big reveal in this episode, but we will get to that.

First of all, this episode may as well have been a romantic thriller. The only plot that this episode was really focused on was Barry’s romance with Patty. And I have to admit, they did a much better job at this than season 1 did with Barry’s romance with Iris and later with Lynda. But it just wan’t balanced enough.

Remember that freackin’ annoying Don’t tell Iris that I’m the Flash thing in season 1? Well this time they did pretty much the same thing, but a bit better. Basically I hated the fact that they repeated season 1 all over again, but, this time there was actually more tension. Part of you want Barry to tell Patty, and part of you doesn’t.

And we also get introduced to John West’s son who we never even cared about. It turns out that it’s just some big jerk who like gambling.

And then there’s that Turtle storyline. This episode completely forgot about Zoom, so they did that thing that they did in season 1 again, where pretty much every episode just has a different villain. And although I have to admit that Turtle was a pretty powerful enemy, but I personally think that The Flash got rid of him far too easily.

And as if this episode wasn’t cliche enough yet, Barry breaks up with Patty, and as soon as they want to start their relationship again, she announces that she is going away from Central City to go to a school. Has anybody in watched the Amazing Spider-man 2? That is the exact plot of that gosh darn movie!

And then the screen writers realized that Oh, wait! Zoom has barely appeared in this episode. Let’s just reveal his identity to make up for that.  And once again… WOW! Zoom is yet another version of Thawn! You know, that guy who Iris loved, but he killed himself for the greater good. Yeah, that guy.

And this is the part that bugged the heck out of me the most. Why? I mean, that was the exact plot of season 1!!! I knew they were going to use Thawn for something, but I don’t want him to be the big bad wolf of the season again! I mean, at least it wasn’t J. That would be far too predictable. I wish that Zoom was actually someone from the West family or something like that.

I did not expect to get so negative with this review, but this really wasn’t my favorite ever episode of the Flash. There were much better episodes. But for now, so long! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!



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