LEGO Avengers – My Thoughts

Oh my gosh! This game is so freakin’ fun! I am only on the 4th level, and I’m already enjoying myself like heck! Here is my review of the game. Check out what my expectations for the game were by clicking right here. 

As I already said, this game is extremely fun! And as I’m writing this post, I have only completed 5% of the story mode. The graphics are amazing. The sound effects are amazing. The lip sync isn’t the best, though, but who the bloody heck cares?

My favourite level so far would definitely be Rail Hydra which is the one based on Captain America: The First Avenger. You got to go around as Captain America and Bucky Barnes killing Nazis. It is quite ironic that this was my choice since I am a huge sci-fi fan and you would think that I would enjoy the Avengers levels more.

And the comic relief is… hilarious! If you stop at any point in the game to notice some very small details, you will really laugh out loud. For example, in the scene where the Avengers are capturing Von Strucker’s castle, you might notice that in between all the grenades,  bananas are also being thrown at you.

So out of all of the characters that I have unlocked at the moment, which is my favourite? Bucky Barnes! Not only does he look awesome, he can grapple onto hooks, blow up silver bricks and fire his machine gun rapidly. This is a great character and it is also awesome to play as him, especially that he is currently playing a very significant role in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. He is the character who will soon split the Avengers in half and make them fight against each other to the gory death.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I really recommend for you all to play the game yourself. As I already said, it is extremely fun! Also I didn’t even mention that once you complete story mode, you can have fun with free roam mode.

Tomorrow I will start a line of DC-related posts building up to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But for now, I want you to have a Marvelous Monday and a Neat New Week. So long! 😉

Also feel free to watch this review of the game that somebody on the internet did


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