My Changing Opinion About Dawn of Justice

To be completely honest with all of you, only a few months ago I didn’t really care about this movie. However recently, with a few new trailers, I have been getting really hyped for this film. 

This promises to be quite an awesome movie. Of course, I’m not as excited for Dawn of Justice as I am for Civil War, but I am still really excited.

Also this is going to be the first ever live-action adaptation of DC comics with both Batman and Superman sharing the screen. There was going to be a Justice League movie a few years ago. It was going to be directed by JJ Abrams (also directed The Force Awakens), however the idea soon got scrapped.

So why else did my opinion change about this movie so dramatically? Well, all over the internet people are being so hyped about this movie, so that also helped. Something that I really like about the fans’ behavior though, is that they weren’t freaking out about this movie 2 years ago. The real hype started maybe 2 months ago. Unlike Star Wars.

Do I think that this movie will be a success? Absolutely! The world’s best detective will be going up against the world’s strongest alien. Not only that, but Lex Luthor will also appear in it and so will Wonder Woman and Aqua Man (and possibly the Flash).

So yeah! I’m currently really excited about this movie! I am going to see it with my awesome dad on Easter Monday. I cannot freakin’ wait!

I hope you enjoyed this quick post. Just so you know, the next few posts will be all about DC. On Easter Monday I will publish my usual My Expectations post and on Tuesday I will do a review. But for now have a Tremendous Tuesday and So long!

batman vs superman
Looks like Superman is in for a punch from Batman (even though he’s bulletproof)


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