How Batman Could Beat Superman

So, the problem with Dawn of Justice, is that many people think of Superman as someone invincible and that there is absolutely no way for the Dark Knight could beat him. So today, I will talk about a few ways how Bruce Wayne could potentially beat the damn out of Clark Kent.    First of all, lets get the obvious one out of the way. Everybody knows that one of Superman’s weaknesses is the famous kryptonite. If Batman could get his hands on some of that stuff, he could kill the poor guy. Only that how is he supposed to get it? I like the idea that he could maybe buy some kryptonite from Lex Luthor. Maybe?

Another weakness behind that blue, red and yellow suit is magic. Now if you think that there is absolutely no way that Batman could get his hands on magic, you are very wrong, because Wonder Woman’s freaking sword is made out of magic. And we know that she will definitely be in this movie. So all that Batman has to do is team up with Wonder Woman to have a chance of destroying Superman.

Now, I think that this is a much less know weakness, but very high frequencies can also hurt him quite a bit. First his nose will just bleed and then he… you know… drops dead. If you think about it, this is a really bad weakness to have. Bruce just needs to put on that heavy suit we saw in the trailers (which seems to be sound proof or something) and then he needs to buy some machine (don’t forget how rich he is) that can let off a very high-pitched sound to ultimately take Superman down. But then again, even a dog whistle would probably work.

And last but not least, Superman is very vulnerable to atomic bombs. The only problem is that so are humans. But if the battle really got that bad, and maybe it got to a different planet (although I doubt that) Batman could use his unbelievable wealth to trade in for a nuke on the black market. Then he could bomb Superman and finish him of with one of the other 3 ways that I listed above.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post and that you are currently as excited about seeing this movie as I am. Don’t forget to check out my daily science fiction blog. Also, this is my 75th post, which means that I am 3/4 of the way to 100 posts! That’s going to be really exciting. But for now have a Wonderful Wednesday and So long! 🙂

batmnan v superman tickets!!! Yay!!!
Yay! My tickets! Just you know, please don’t crop the tickets from the photo above and print them out on ticket paper. That’s sort of… how do I say                                 it… illegal.


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