Why Will They Be Fighting?

There is a heck a lot of rumours as to why Superman and Batman are even fighting each other. I came up with my own interesting little theory. Care to have a read of it?

So, we all know that Clark Kent is an alien from Krypton, although he doesn’t remember much of that planet. But maybe he just about remembers seeing a bat symbol similiar to Batman’s. He could have a trauma of some sort. Or maybe he was told my someone that it was Batman who destroyed his home planet and forced him to be evacuated to Earth.

But why would somebody want to tell good old Superman this dirty lie? Because he wanted Batman and Superman to fight! Now who would possibly want that? I know… Lex Luthor! With the two heores fighting, it would be a great decoy for him to execute whatever his evil plans are.

So, when Superman first tries to attack Batman, Bruce Wayne wants to defend himself but also defend America. Superman is made to believe that Batman is evil, so he attacks him. And because of his brutal assault, Batman is made to think that Superman is evil.

They both want to kill each other because of what they think that they did. But it’s just Lex Luthor’s plan.

Of course eventually they will realise that they shouldn’t be fighting each other and instead they should team up to take down Lex. Maybe Wonder Woman is going to be the one who tells them? Possibly? Or maybe Cyborg? Or maybe Aquaman? Or maybe the Flash? Who the bloody heck even knows? Well, I guess that the producers know. And the director. And the screenwriters. And probably the actors themselves too. I wish I knew…

I hope that you enjoyed this short post. Why do you think will Batman and Superman have to confront each other? Tell me in the comments, please. But for know have a Terific Thursday and So long!

batman v superman



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