DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Pilot – My Thoughts

Continuing my series of DC-related post leading up to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, I will do a quick review of the 2-part pilot of the newest DC TV show… Legends of Tomorrow! This is definitely a very… interesting show.

First of all, I love the fact that Warner Bros. decided to make another TV show within the same year as the last one, because Supergirl absolutely sucks! Secondly, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are awesome! Thirdly, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow actually have some big flaws. And last but not least, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are weird.

I love the fact that they brought together less known characters to save the world. And not even the world, but world. It was a great idea that since the stakes are always super high in superhero movies, this time, even if they fail, nothing will happen to their reality. But they still have to risk their lives to save a whole future world, with people that they might never even meet. But they have to do the right thing.

Oh and yeah, the Legends of Tomorrow are definitely classified as anti-heroes, more than superheroes. I mean, they almost gave up when they heard that they aren’t actually going to be known as legends in the future.

I just wish that Leonard Snart was introduced in a smarter way. I mean, why him? If I recall correctly, he didn’t even make that ice-gun-thingy. It was made by Cisco. I have absolutely no problem with Snart being on a team, I just want more of a reason as to why Captain Hunter chose him.

   Another major flaw, was the bounty hunter scene. Too much like Star Wars! And when they start mentioning Star Wars, it makes me think even more that they should have just left that scene out of the finished cut altogether.

And of course, that shrinking suit guy reminds me of Ant-man too much. Then there’s that thing about the science making absolutely no sense at all, but who cares… this is a freakin’ comic book movie!

Nonetheless though, this seems to be a pretty good series and I will definitely watch the next episodes. But for now have a Marvelous Monday and so long!

legends of tomorrow




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