Green Lantern – My Thoughts

I’m still continuing my line-up of DC-related posts leading up to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Last week I was in the library and I saw a Green Lantern DVD there. I decided to have a watch of it and today I will be doing my review of the movie. And yes, there will be major spoilers. Enjoy ;D 

First of all, I think that the scene at the beginning where he crashed that plane wasn’t necessary at all. I don’t think that it made the movie worse, but it just wasn’t necessary. That scene was just a plot device to make him feel like a failure. 

Soon though,  he finds a crashed alien. I think that his reaction wasn’t surprised enough, but that’s just a detail. The alien told him that the Ring chose him. He gave the Ring to him as well as a lantern. Eventually, he goes to space where he meets the rest of the Green Lanterns and they train him. But he quits.

Eventually, we also have the origin of the villain. He was basically just a scientist working with the alien and he got infected with some weird thing that made his head really swell up and gave him some powers.

I enjoyed the end-battle. It was a good scene. Green Lantern tricked the villain into grabbing the ring, but it backfired because he wasn’t chosen.

One of the things that I was scared of before watching this movie, was that since Green Lantern has really OP powers of anything that he imagines appearing, there isn’t really anything that could threaten him. But I really liked the fact that he did conjure the most helpful things most of the time, which was good. And it was possible for the villain to threaten him when he captured Green Lantern’s wife.

One more slight issue that I had with this movie was when that red guy said about making A Yellow Ring,  they were trying to make it really dramatic, but I didn’t really care. As someone who never picked up a Green Lantern comic, I had not idea what A Yellow Ring even is and they didn’t even bother explaining that.

But overall, I think that it is a pretty good movie. It isn’t a movie to rewatch a million times, but it certainly is a good movie to have a pleasant time watching.

But that’s it from me now. I hope that you enjoyed this post. There will be only DC posts until Wednesday when I will do my review of Batman vs Superman. Also, something that happened recently was that I got featured on the Kids Blog Club. I would like to thank you so much for featuring me. It got more readers on my blog. Thank you. 🙂

    But for now have a Tremendous Tuesday and so long!


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