Who Will Win?

The thing about Batman vs. Superman is that even though they are both supposed to be fighting each other, there is still a villain (Lex Luthor). Because of this, many people are predicting that half-way through the movie, the two heroes will just team-up against Lex. But what if, that isn’t what happens?

Think about it! Nobody ever said that this film has to end with the good guys winning. It could very well just have the two trying to kill each other, and at the very, very end they will make a truce and Lex won’t be defeated until the Justice League movie.

Another possibility is that just one of the heroes is going to take down Lex. It might not be Batman and Superman teaming up, but maybe either of them could defeat him on their own.

Presuming that one of those options above could be possible, who would actually win? And how will we know that they won. Will one of the heroes die? Or will they just surrender?

I do personally think that Batman will win. Check out a few ways how he could win by clicking right here.

But victory could also very well belong to the man in the blue and red suit. I mean, he is from Krypton. And he does have super strength and he can fly and he does have super speed and… yeah, the list goes on. So I wouldn’t be too surprised if either of them win.

Now, just in case anyone was unclear. This isn’t what I actually think will happen. I do honestly think that they will team up to fight Lex Luthor (and I’m certainly not saying that will be a bad ending). This is just what could happen so that the heroes would actually be enemies till the end of the movie.

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But that’s it from me now. Have a Wonderful Wednesday and So long!


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2 thoughts on “Who Will Win?

  1. I’m not a huge DC fan (I’m a MARVEL girl 😏 ), but I think that SM might win.
    Although, I know this is highly unlikely, but what if one of them teamed up with the villian and defeated the other?
    This would definitely be a very different ending than usual for superhero movies, but you never know what the producers might come up with.
    Just thought I’d throw that out there. 😉
    ~ Suzy

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    1. Thank you very much for reading. What your saying is kind of similar to *SPOILER ALERT* what happened in the Civil War comic. Iron Man let the Thunderbolts out of prison and in return they would help him defeat Captain America.

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