What’s Bugging Me

Dawn of Justice is bound to be an awesome movie. And I bet that the DC Extended Universe will be awesome. But there is one thing that is bugging me like hell. 

So, ever since the Arrow TV show started, DC already had an awesome universe. Then when the Flash and other shows began to air, they were all connected to that one universe.

And I was honestly expecting that the DC Extended Universe that they’re starting with Dawn of Justice will be the same one as the TV show universe.

But for whatever weird reason, they want to start a brand new universe with the movies.


    I mean, I guess that the main reason is casting, but who even cares. I mean, the DC EU (DC Extended Universe) version of the Flash will be played by freackin’ Ezra Miller. Now, I’m sure that he’s gonna nail the role as Barry Allen, but he looks nothing like Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash in the TV show.

    Why would they even think about recasting the Flash!!?!? Why do they want two seperate universes? Why!?!?!? I’m just saying that they would make so many people happy (including me) if they made the TV shows and the movies take place in the same universe.

      There are many rumours of the Flash being in Dawn of Justice (if you’ve already seen the movie, please don’t tell me what happens and wether or not the Flash is in it). I remember being super hyped and excited when I read about this. But now I wouldn’t care if The Flash appeared in the movie while riding a unicycle and juggling monkeys.

       I really darn hope that I’m not the only one with this opinion. Does anyone else agree with me that the two universes should be merged together?

     But that’s it from me today. I still cannot wait to see the movie. Two days ago was the American Premiere. Tomorrow is the Europeann Premiere and I am going to see it on Easter Monday. Hype! But for now have a Tremendous Thursday and So long!

Imagine this guy played by Mr. Miller



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