Dawn of Justice – My Thoughts

Yes! There will be spoilers! So pleeease for your own good, do not click that Continue Reading link until you have watched the full movie. Ok? Great! 

You clicked the link, so I am presuming that you have already seen this movie. You will be exposed to lots of spoilers.

Now lets get to the movie itself. You want me to know whether I thought that it’s darn awesome or that it’s darn awful, don’t you? Well let me tell you this, it’s a great movie, but it has lots of flaws.

So, lets get the negative stuff out of the way first, shall we?I had 3 major things that annoyed the hell out of me right after watching the movie. Here they are in no particular order:

(1) Too much CGI. Usually I don’t mind computer-generated imagery that much when they make the movie look better. Click here to find out what I honestly think about CGI in movies. But in this film, the overly-used CGI didn’t add anything. Especially in that battle with Doomsday, everything was just fake CGI. And there was too much going on.

(2) Lois Lane is pretty good in this movie, but every second scene is just here being saved by Superman. Why!?!? She could have added so much to the movie itself, but she didn’t. She should have died in Man of Steel. Her performance here was great, but unnecessary.

(3) The movie is called “Batman v Superman” but we only got one actual scene of the two fighting. That’s just so… lazy. I mean, ok. Hats down. They wanted to actually set up as much as they could to give them a reason to fight to avoid people complaining about that. But they didn’t get that right balance. They sacrificed the title of the movie actually coming true. In my opinion, it wasn’t worth it.

Right after watching the film, I also had 3 major things that I really enjoyed:

(1) They had the _ _ _ _ _ to actually kill off Superman! Yess!!! This made the movie a million times better. This was a great decision. And I know that they will definitely bring him back for the 2-part Justice League movie, but who cares? They actually killed one of the two main characters in their first movie together. Well done!

(2)  Batman is awesome! Ben Affleck absolutely nailed the role! And they only had about 5-10 minutes to explain Batman’s origin, and they did a great job. They also really nicely explained to us, why he wants to kill Superman so much. They gave him a great motive. Congratulations!

(3) Although I wasn’t too happy about there only being one scene with the two heroes fighting, they sure did that scene extremely well. And Batman actually won that fight! About a week ago I made a post about how the Bat of Gotham could potentially beat the Son of Krypton. Give it a read right here.

And finally, after discussing the film with my dad who I went to see it with and watching some reviews online, I discovered 3 other things that bugged me quite a bit:

(1) Think about it. Apart from the fact that he’s a psychopath, there isn’t much reason for Lex Luthor to want to kill Superman so much. Just sayin’…

(2) From all we know, Lex and Batman where not knowingly co-operating, as in actually communicating with each other. So it was just one huge coincidence that Lex wanted Batman to kill Superman on the exact same night that Batman himself wanted to kill Superman. I found out about this flaw from this review. It has quite a bit of bad words, so beware.

(3) Sure, they killed Superman. And I absolutely loved that decision. But as I found out from this review (which is absolutely clean), they showed some dirt levitating above his coffin, hinting that he is still alive. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that in the film, but it’s there. Why would they ruin such an awesome twist!?!?! 

So yeah, I hope that you enjoyed this mini-review and that you had a happy Easter! While I was only doing DC-related posts for the past week-or-so, a lot happened. That includes a new Civil War trailer, the mid-season premiere of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I almost beat the entire story mode in Lego Avengers. So tomorrow I will do a post keeping you all up-to-date with that. But that’s it from me know, have a Marvelous Monday, Happy Easter, See Thee Soon and So Long!!! 😀

That battle withe Doomsday could have been MUCH better. They could have improved it by not having so much CGI and not using a nuclear weapon in the city. If you think about it, that scene probably had a death count of something                                like 3000.



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