Is There Hope For Rogue One?

This is the next Star Wars movie… but many people don’t even know it’s happening. Is it even possible for this movie to be a success? I am going to look into the possibilities in this post, so enjoy.

Okay, for those of you who are confused about what Rogue One even is, it’s basically a movie coming out by the end of 2016 and it will be about how the rebels got their hands on the plans for the first Death Star. This will be the first feature-length Star Wars movie which won’t have a Skywalker as one of the main characters. This will also be the first Star War anthology movie.

First of all, this movie is happening before A New Hope. And that basically makes it a prequel. Now, Disney knows how much people hated the prequel trilogy, so it’s definitely a very risky move to make this film. Secondly, they already said that this will be totally different from the other Star Wars films, which is also a huge risk because many people claim that the main reason they hated the prequels, is that they don’t feel like the original Star Wars. 

And let’s get into the characters… they haven’t been confirmed yet. But it has been confirmed that it won’t be Leia, Han or Luke. Although, a slight cameo from Princess Organa isn’t impossible. But one of the things that people loved about the original trilogy are the characters and their brilliant on-screen chemistry. Once again, it isn’t certain whether or not people will like the fact that they’re starting from scratch with the characters.

But do I think that it will be successful? I have no bloody idea! It definitely won’t be as successful as The Force Awakens, but all die-hard fans of Star Wars will definitely go to see it.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this little post. You can learn more about this upcoming film here. Also speaking of Star Wars, the website is currently hosting the annual This is Madness tournament, where everybody can vote for who their favourite character. Check that out here. But for now, have a Wonderful Wednesday and So Long!

rogue one
This is the only picture we currently have of the movie



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