Lego Batman: Be-Leaguered – My Thoughts

This is a short half-an-hour-long Lego cartoon about Batman being asked to join the Justice Leauge by other members i.e Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. If you have Netflix, you can watch it here. This is my spoiler review of the film.

I decided to do this review to celebrate last week’s release of the first two Lego Batman trailers. That’s gonna be a feature-length cinematic movie which will come out in 2017 while this is just a little cartoon having fun with the character. It incorporates very classic Lego humor.

It starts off with Batman stopping a robbery of The World’s Largest Gem. Superman then shows up, offering him to join the Justice League, but Batman disagrees. Superman then mysteriously disappears. The next day Batman asks the Flash for help finding Superman, but then Flash also disappears.

Then Batman goes to ask Aquaman for help. Aquaman disappears. Finally, Batman goes to Wonder Woman and Cyborg to ask them for help, but they disappear too. However, Batman thinks that he finally figured out who has been kidnapping the members of the Justice Leauge. It’s his greatest fan…  Bat-Mite!

Bat-Mite captured the heroes so that he could see Batman save them. However, the Dark Knight does nothing, letting the cage they were in explode. But it turned out that they weren’t in the cage when the explosion happened. They escaped by… going through the door.

Then Bat-Mite makes a whole bunch of villains appear, which the heroes easily defeat. Batman joins the Justice Leauge and they all lived happily ever after.. The End.

Obviously, this isn’t a dark, gritty or serious movie like Batman v Superman, but it was fun to watch and have a laugh. On Monday, I will do a review of the other Lego superhero short movie on Netflix, which is Lego Marvel: Maximum Overload. But for now, have a Terrific Thursday and See Thee Soon!

lego batman




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