Pheonix Files: Arrivial – My Thoughts

First of all, I know. On Thursday, I said that Monday’s post will be my review of Lego MARVEL Superheroes: Maximum Overload. However, I didn’t get a chance to watch it yet, so that post will have to wait. But the series of books that I’m currently reading is called The Pheonix Files and I thought that I might as well post a review of the first book, which I just finished reading. And yes, I know that it takes longer to read a book than watch an average movie, so there will be no spoilers in this review. Enjoy 😉

The entire series is written by Chris Morphew and it’s about 3 teenage kids (Luke, Jordan and Peter) who have to go to this new town which was created for all of the Pheonix employees and their families. However, they soon discover that Pheonix is going to blow up the entire world apart from their town, in 100 days. This is codenamed, Tabitha.

At the beginning of every chapter, it says what date it is when the chapter is taking place and how many days there are left until Tabitha. Every book in the series is also written from the perspective of one of the teenagers. The first book is from the perspective of Luke, the second of Peter, the third of Jordan, the fourth of Luke again, the fifth of Jordan again he sixth book is written from the perspective of all three of them.

In this book, there is a super-powered hobo who everybody calls Crazy Bill. However he is the one who helps them find out about Tabitha in the first place and he regularly gives them some sort of clues.

This is an epic, action-packed, adrenaline-filled and thrilling book. I definitely recommend reading it. I am currently reading the second book in the series, and it is also pretty awesome so far. But I hope that you enjoyed this little review. Tomorrow I will try to do a review of Lego MARVEL Superheroes: Maximum Overload. But for now, have a Marvellous Monday and So Long! 😀



 P.S. Have you checked out my April Fools prank yet?


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