My Opinion on Sci-fi Movie Age Ratings – Part One

In this post, I will be addressing what I think about sci-fi movie age ratings, in particular, comic book movie age ratings and whether or not I think that all sci-fi movies should have the same age rating.

First of all, sci-fi movies can come in all different shapes, sizes and age ratings. Before we start talking about comic book movies, let’s just talk about science fiction movies in general. Some are PG, some are 12 (A.K.A PG13), some are 15 and I bet that there are even some that are 18. I’m totally fine with that.

Wall-e is a PG animated science fiction movie about a robot in space. Classic.

After Earth is a 12 live-action science fiction movie about Will Smith coming back to Earth after it’s been destroyed. Freaky.

Prometheus is a 15 live-action science fiction movie which is about aliens. Seriously, that’s all we need to know.

I know absolutely no 18 sci-fi movies, and there is a certain reason why I didn’t want to do research about this. But I bet there are a few.

Anyway, let’s think about a long-lasting movie franchise like Star Wars. All the Star Wars movies used to be PG, so it must have been a shocker for at least some people when they found out that The Revenge of the Sith will be 12. But I guess those small kids who could watch the PG Star Wars films could still technically watch the 12 ones with adult supervision But now try to imagine what would happen if Star Wars Episode 8: The Snow Bear (I know that it’s just a working title) was rated 15. First of all, the box office would drop significantly compared to the earlier Star Wars films. Secondly, why would they even want to do that if all the Star Wars movies are known for being family-friendly?

             This is the end of Part One of this post. Part Two will be on my blog tomorrow (08/04/16)



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