My Opinion on Sci-fi Movie Age Ratings – Part Two

Just so you know, this is a continuation of the previous post, which you can check out here.

So, now that we talked about  sci-fi movies other than comic book movies, let’s talk about comic book movies for a bit, shall we? First of all, there is no surprise in the fact that most comic book movies coming out today are rated 12 or PG-13. This is because many of the people who are into comic book, movies (including me) are around the age of 12. So this basically started off as a strategic move, but now it is considered the ordinary that all comic book movies should be appropriate for most audiences.

And recently a little comic book movie called Deadpool came along, which is R-rated (17+). I have no idea what happens in the movie, but I have a strong feeling I don’t really want to know. The movie was very successful because it was something new and people enjoyed it. Honestly, I have nothing wrong with there being an R-rated comic book movie now and then.

Now, remember how I said in the last post how horrible it would be if the next Star Wars movie was 15 or even R-rated? Well is it the same with comic book movies? Or at least, superhero movies? Well… not exactly. If you remember Nolans Batman trilogy, the first two films were 12 and the third film was 15. I think that was absolutely fine. You can twist a normal sci-fi movie any way you want it to go. But a superhero movie always needs to tell a story about a superpowered guy having to kill/take down another guy who want to kill people. Or something along those lines.

So yeah, sometimes it’s okay if the endings get a bit gritty. Now, obviously I’m not saying that the Avengers Assemble cartoon should have blood everywhere and all. I’m just saying that those movies that are actually trying to show what the world would be like if superheroes were around, don’t always need to stop themselves by the fact that all the films need to be 12. To be honest, I would mind too much if MARVEL made Infinity War part II15 movie. However, all  the phase 4 movies after IW would have to be 12. 

I hope that you enjoyed this short post. And I hope that you enjoyed both of them together. Also yesterday This is Madness 2016 ended and yes, the winner is…. you can check out for yourself by clicking here. But for now, have a Terrific Thursday and See Thee Soon!



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