Rogue One trailer- My Thoughts

On Friday we got our first proper Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer. Check out what the whole fuss about this movie is by clicking on this link. The trailer is amazing. Today I will discuss what I enjoyed about this trailer and what I think will happen in the movie. Enjoy XD

We can clearly see that Jin Orso was captured by the rebels. This is probably because they can see she is already a criminal, so they will most likely threaten to hand her over to the empire if she doesn’t help them steal the Death Star plans. And right off the bat, we get an awesome quote “This is a rebellion, right? I rebel.”

I’m not going to be doing a detailed breakdown of the trailer, so I will just skip to my favourite parts. First of all, did that guy just take out imperial stormtroopers with a stick? And many online sources even state that if you zoom in you can see that his eyes are closed for the whole time. Respect to you, mate.

Secondly, there are several shots in this trailer were Jin and some other rebels are inside some ship or space station, possibly even the Death Star itself. I must say, that those shots look awesome. I also like all of the sound fx in this trailer, many of which were used before in the original trilogy. My favourite one is the siren/alarm.

And my favourite scene in the whole trailer by far, is when they are going up against those AT-ATs. I do believe that this is the first time we actually see an AT-AT being used somewhere else than Hoth. I heard some people say that Jin is holding baton sticks, but I hope she’s at least, holding blasters, not batons.

I hope that you enjoyed this quick post about that Rogue One trailer. Of course, we don’t even know why it’s called Rogue One yet. Anyway, have a Marvelous Monday and So long!


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