IFI Future Past Old Sci-fi Film Screenings – 2001: A Space Odyssey – My Thouhgts

So, in the IFI (Irish Film Institute) they are currently having this thing where they are screening really old sci-fi movies. I and my awesome mum went there to see 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was my first time ever seeing the movie and one of the most interesting things to see was how many other popular sci-fi films were just ripping off A Space Odyssey.  And as always, SPOILER ALERT!

Just a quick note, that I’m not going to be commenting the special fx during this review. I understand that this film was in cinemas decades ago, and I could probably do most of those ‘flying ship’ effects with my laptop. So, yeah, I won’t give a darn about those special fx.

Anyway, let’s get onto the story. I’m not 100% of what the story was, because there was so much going on, but here is what I understood:

– Some apes find a stone and start worshipping it

– There is an epidemic on the Moon that no one is supposed to know about

– The Council decides that the epidemic should remain a secret

– 18 months later they realise that they should do something about the epidemic, so they send a crew to Jupiter, with an AI called Hal.

– Hal boasts about never making a mistake

– Hal makes a mistake

– The crew discusses the idea of unplugging Hal, but Hal understands what they are saying by reading their lips

– Hal is scared that they want to unplug him and he thinks they hate him, so he ‘fights for his survival’

– That Dave guy finally manages to unplug Hal

– Hal starts singing because why not?

       – sea of random colour

– mountains of random colour

– some weird guy eats dinner and drops his glass

– some other weird guy is lying in bed, staring at the same stone that those apes were worshipping and the beggining of the movie



I have various theories about the ending. They include: time travel, virtual reality and much more. But my favourite one is that I think Hal was hiding that weird recording of the guy staring at the rock and the guy eating his dinner from the crew. But why would he be hiding it? I have no bloody idea!

Let me know in the comments if you have any more ideas as to what that ending meant. But for now, have a Tremendous Tuesday and See Thee Soon!

2001: a space odyssey


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