Best Audi Adverstisment Ever!!!

My gosh! Everybody’s excited about Captain America: Civil War and the Audi car company want to use some of that excitement. This is possibly the best car ad I’ve even seen!

You know that epic chase scene with Black Panther, Cap and Winter Soldier that keeps being teased in all of the trailers? Well MARVEL got paid a lot of money to cross a trailer for Civil War with new footage with an Audi advertisement. The end result is pretty funny.

     As I already mentioned, this “trailer” has some new footage. Honestly, I am not sure if the footage is actually taken from the movie, or whether it was just cheaply made to fit into the movie. You know that part where Cap and Black Panther are jumping down, that seems very, very green-screeny. I think that the only new footage in this ad, which is actually going to be in the movie, is that part after the Audi logo, where Black Panther has Bucky, but Cap dives at him. Especially since that is the only part which says Film footage courtesy of MARVEL. 

      Does this ad make me want to get and Audi car? Not really. Does it make me laugh? Yup. Does it make me even more excited about Captain America: Civil War? Definitely! Honestly, though, when I’m older, I will probably consider an Audi five times more than any other car distributer. I think that every single person who was in the marketing department of Audi at the time as this ad came out, should get a promotion.

        “Your dad liked that thing I posted.”


          “And… he unliked it.”


       And Crap! This ad/trailer thing really makes me giggle. They did an excellent job and make sure that you also check this little clip out. I promise that it won’t spoil anything about the movie. I hope that you enjoyed this post. But for now, have a Marvelous Monday and See Thee Soon!



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