Why Does Nobody Die in Comics?

First of all, yesterday I hit 100 posts on my blog! Click here to check out my 100th post! Today I will be talking about why nobody ever dies, and stays dead, in comics. I’m not talking about movies here. I will be tackling why nobody dies in comic book movies another day. For now, let’s just focus on comics.

There used to be a saying that goes No one stays dead except Bucky, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben. However, as we all know, it turned out that that Bucky wasn’t actually dead, but he was in the hands of the Soviets and Jason Todd (Nightwing Robin) was also eventually brought back. But why? Why can’t they let a character stay dead for once?

If they want a new character, can’t they just make a new character instead of bringing an old one back from the dead? Let’s go back to that saying for a sec. No one stays dead except Bucky, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben. Uncle  Ben is the only one from those three who actually never came back to life. Well… not exactly. Weird clones of Uncle Ben from an alternative universe once came, but they weren’t actually the real Uncle Ben, were they?

So, why didn’t they bring back Uncle Ben yet? Well, probably because his death was the motivation Peter Parker needed to become Spider-Man. So, that sort of answers that question. But Steve Rogers would most likely continue being Captain America if Bucky didn’t die and Bruce Wayne would continue being Batman if Jason Todd didn’t die, so it’s easier to bring those characters back. It’s quite bloody complicated.

But why shouldn’t they bring so many characters back from the dead? There are two main answers. First of all, the death of a character means absolutely nothing, when you know that 99% of the characters who died in that comic were later brought back. Secondly, it opens up a whole lot of plot holes. If one character was brought back from the dead somehow, then why can’t another character, like Uncle Ben, also be brought back the same way? Superheroes fight so that only as little people as possible will actually die. So, isn’t that kind of pointless if they can just bring anyone back.

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I hope that you enjoyed this post, which happens to be the 101st post on my blog. Make sure to check out my 100th post, but for now have a Terrific Thursday and See Thee Soon! 😉


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