Should “The Incredible Hulk” be Part of the MCU?

This movie is probably MARVEL’s biggest mistake so far. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie itself. It just doesn’t fit into the MCU very well. The main reason is that that Bruce Banner is portrayed by a totally different actor here. We can all somewhat understand James Rhode’s recasting because they actually tried to look for a look-a-like to the previous actor. But Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton look nothing like each other.    It would be okay if they just kept that Hulk movie in its own little universe, but they had to have Robert Downey Jnr appear in it as Tony Stark. And in next week’s Captain America: Civil War, they’re making it even worse by having Thunderbolt Ross from The Incredible Hulk appear. But are they really making it that worse? I have three little theories.

First of all, wouldn’t it be pretty damn cool if it turned out that having the Hulk in his body, made Dr. Bruce Banner somehow change form? His body somehow changed. Maybe one day he Hulked out to kick some villains in the ass, and then he turned back a Bruce Banner which is pretty similar to Mark Ruffalo.

Secondly, what if there are two Hulks? Maybe the Norton Bruce Banner wasn’t the only person to be injected with that Hulk-serum-thingy. Maybe the Ruffalo Bruce Banner also took it. Maybe that isn’t even Ruffalo’s real name. Maybe Norton died, and Ruffalo could see that the Hulk had the potential to be a hero. So he took the serum, changed his name to Bruce Banner and lived on as the Hulk. Only that he soon came to regret his decision.

And last but not least, the obligatory multiverse theory. As you may already know, MARVEL consists of many different universes and continuities. However, they are all in the same multiverse. You can see a full list here. Maybe the Incredible Hulk movie happened in a different universe, but still in the same multiverse. So maybe at a certain point, the Avengers will have to go to that universe, and they will see a Bruce Banner which looks a lot more like Norton.

I hope you had fun reading this short little post. Don’t forget to comment below with some Q&A questions, or send them to Also, feel free to check out my podcast. For now, have a Wonderful Wednesday and So Long!


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