Will Anyone Die in Civil War?

Will anybody die in this week’s Captain America: Civil War? It’s an ongoing joke that nobody ever dies and stays dead in the comics, and pretty much the same thing can be said for the MCU. So will Civil War try to break the fourth wall here? P.S. There will be spoilers for the Civil War comic ahead.

The only character that really stayed dead in the MARVEL Cinematic  Universe so far is Quicksilver, but he only appeared in one movie anyway. In the Civil War comics, Goliath died a tragic death of being killed by an evil clone of Thor (not kidding). So will anyone die in this movie? Let’s look at the options:

Captain America could die. Especially that after the Civil War comics, cap really did die. But Chris still has a contract for the Infinity War films, so maybe one of the Avengers could be having illusions of Cap. Possibly.

Iron Man? Maybe. But MARVEL cannot really afford to get rid of the heart of the MCU, but it would be a cool twist.

Scarlet Witch? Probably not, since her brother already died.

Vision? Probably not, because he still has a whole storyline with Scarlet Witch.

Falcon? Possibly. But he will probably have to take on the mantle of Captain America at some point, so I’m not even sure.

Ant-man? Definitely not. He only just had his first movie, he barely got to hang out with the Avengers and he still has another solo movie in the works. But I do think that he will be badly injured, since Ant-man has similar powers to Goliath, and Goliath died in the comics.

Bucky? He might also be needed to take on the mantle of Captain America. Anyway, he already died once… sort of.

Spider-man? Definitely not. He is still to get his own solo movie.

Black Panther? Nope. Once again, he is still to get his solo movie.

Black Widow? Possibly… but who will be calming down the Hulk if she died? Well actually, that would be a pretty cool character arc, of how Hulk will have to deal with Natasha being dead.

Agent 13? Yes. Likely. She hasn’t been announced to be in the Avengers films, so they could technically afford to kill her off. But then again, maybe Sharon Carter will take on the mantle of Black Widow after Natasha dies.

War Machine? I guess he only just officially joined the Avengers, but he is a good candidate to face death in this movie.

Hawkeye? Yes. This one is actually pretty likely to die as well. First of all, from the trailers we can see that he doesn’t take this whole Civil War thing very seriously. So maybe he will pay for that. secondly, he already made his contribution to the MCU when he played a pretty big role in Avengers Assemble in 2012.

I believe that is everyone. I hope that one of them dies. As I said, it would be interesting to see Black Widow die and Bruce Banner would have to deal with that. Also, don’t forget to keep giving me Q&A questions. Send them to me as an e-mail or as a comment below this post. My e-mail address is mikpe120@gmail.com. I am looking forward to answering all of your questions. But for now have a Terrific Thursday and See Thee Soon!


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