Will Quicksliver Appear in Civil War?

This is one of the most interesting fan theories that I heard so far, regarding Captain America: Civil War.  Some people believe that Quicksilver will appear in it. As I already said in this post, not many people actually die in the MCU. So in a way, I am sort of glad that Quicksilver went down. But I don’t like the thought of them immediately bringing him back. If he does  come back, it shouldn’t be until Infinity War. So, yeah. BTW There will be spoilers for the Civil War comic.

As I said, I wouldn’t be very excited about Pietro coming back so soon. But do I think that this theory is plausible? Nope, I don’t. They only have two pieces of proof. You know that scene in the trailer, where Iron Man and Cap are having a one-on-one battle with each other? If you look closely, you will see a body lying on the ground. Some people think that this is Quicksilver’s body and that it will be reanimated. Okay, listen. Maybe it would be cool to see his body, but I definitely don’t want him to come back to life yet.

So who’s body do I think that is? Probably just some Hydra agent who got his ass seriously kicked by Steve or Tony. You know, either he got a hole in his body from a repulsor ray, or his pelvis fell off thanks to Cap’s mighty shield.

But they do have one more piece of proof. Basically, in the comics, Tony created an evil clone of Thor. This clone was called Ragnarók. Maybe they will do a similar thing with the fastest man alive. To be honest, I much prefer the idea of an evil Quicksilver clone being made, that Quicksilver actually coming to life. Also, in the comics, Ragnarók kills Goliath. So many the Quicksilver clone will injure Ant-man? Possibly?

Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this post. I really cannot wait to see Captain America: Civil War! But for now have a Marvelous Monday and See Thee Soon!


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