Civil War – My Thoughts (no spoilers)

Oh my gosh! This movie is amazing! It is my favourite MCU film so far. This movie rocks! Enjoy this spoiler-free review and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for my full-on spoiler-filled review. 

First of all, the main thing I was afraid of, turned out not to be true at all. I was scared that they might just turn Tony Spank (when you watch the movie, you will get that joke) into an antagonist. But they didn’t! In fact, as I was going into the movie, I was on #TeamCap. But only a few minutes into the movie, I was totally on #TeamIronMan! And as I was exiting the cinema, I was still on #TeamIronMan!

The main reason many people are even bothering to watch this movie, is that Spider-man is in it. Let me tell you this: Tom Holland nails it as Spider-man. The Spider-man we got in this movie isn’t pretty good. It’s amazing!!! I am definitely looking forward to Spider-man’s first solo MCU movie.

As most MCU films, this one had very dark moments, as well as very comedic moments. There were some really shocking revelations, that were real game-changers. And there were some very well thought-out one-liners and “jokes”. There were several moments when the entire theater was laughing their ass off. There were also some hidden easter eggs that only a handful of people got.

This movie pays very good respect to the comics, but if you read the  Civil War comics, that most certainly doesn’t mean that you are going to know the whole movie.

And, my gosh, that airport battle scene is awesome! It was filmed entirely with IMAX cameras, and that was definitely a great choice. During this 15-minute battle, every single character got just enough screen-time. At some point in this movie, every character also got a Wow moment. The founding Avengers did, so did the new recruits that joined in Age of Ultron. And of course, so did Black Panther and Spider-man!

So, yeah, this is a fricking amazing movie! I hope that you will join me tomorrow for my spoileriffic review of the movie. But for now, have a Tremendous Tuesday and See Thee Soon!

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