Comics or Movies?

What do you think is MARVEL’s main product? Their comic books or their movies? Or can they just co-exist with neither of them being the main product? Let’s try and find out today, shall we?

Straight off the bat, I just want to mention that I am not going to be talking about DC here, because DC don’t actually make their own movies. And I guess that MARVEL don’t exactly make their own movies either, since MARVEL Comics and MARVEL Entertainment are two different companies, but they are still part of the same corporation.

So, without any further delay, let’s get on with it already! First of all, what does MARVEL make more money off? The comics or the movies? Um… probably, most likely, obviously the movies! MARVEL gets paid for the movies by cinemas, DVD and BlueRay distributors and more. Those definitely pay MARVEL more than humble newsagents, bookshops and comic-book shops do. Especially since everyone who wants to read a comic pays 5 euro and everyone who wants to watch a movie in the cinema pays around 10 euro for regular seating and no snacks. So yeah, one point goes to the movies.

But then again, MARVEL’s first ever product was comics. So if the comics were being made before the films were being made, I guess that one point goes to the comics.

Now, are the movies there to advertise the comics, or are the comics there to advertise the movies? This is a very tough question without a definite answer, but nowadays, I personally think that the movies are, in a way, there to advertise the comics. Especially since the comics are there all year round, and the the movies come twice or 3 times a year. So another point goes to the comics.

Now, let’s think about it logically for a sec. If MARVEL is making their comics by themselves, and DISNEY is very much helping them with the movies (in fact, Disney practically owns the movies) I think that’s another point for the comics.

And now, for the final point of the game, do more people watch the movies or read the comics? Well, I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that more people watch the movies. So the movies manage to sweep up one more point.

But, it is still 3-2 to the comics, which vaguely suggests that the comics are MARVEL’s main product. As always, I may be very wrong. In fact, the movies and the comics are probably just two different products and neither is the main product. But this was a fun way of trying to find out which is the main product. Don’t forget to leave some questions either as comments below or as an e-mail to I will be doing a Q&A soon and everybody who submits a question will get a shout-out. But for now have a Terrific Thursday and See Thee Soon!


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