So Many Relationships!?!?

Science Fiction stories always have some love-motive weaved into the plot. What are my thoughts on that and do I think that It is really necessary for the story? Find out now by clicking on that green link which says Continue Reading. Have fun! 😀

Right off the bat, I’m not a huge fan of romance stories. I think that one of the reasons why they are so often in sci-fi stories, is because the stories are about these amazing heroes and aliens and monsters, ect. The writers are just trying to show a more human side of them.

Another reason is probably because they are trying to get as many people as possible to watch/read the story. Even though I didn’t get to see Deadpool because of its R-rating, the movie had a very famous marketing campain with Deadpool explaining that his movie is actually a love story. Deadpool was probably just having some fun in that ad, but there is some truth to that. Maybe somebody isn’t a huge sci-fi fan, but they’re gonna enjoy the movie a bit more if there is some romance added.

Some love stories in sci-fi stories are handled very well, for example the whole Fitz-Simmons thing in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Their relationship is growing with every episode of the show. Some love stories are done not-so-well, for example the whole Anakin-Padmé thing. Teir relationship couldn’t be more awkward. Sometimes the love stories are done just okay e.g. the whole Cisco-Hawkgirl thing in The Flash. That relationship lasted for two episodes and it just turns out that the guy who helps a superhero everyday happens to be dating a superheroin. What a coincidence!!?!?

And now, just to finish off this post, do I think that these love stories are necesarry? It depends. If they can be nicely put into the story, then why not? It can be the reason for betrayal or something like that. Also, in the comics, one of the reasons why Thanos is so evil all of the time, is because he fell in love with Death and he is always trying to impress her (yes, Death is a woman).

Anyway, that’s it for this post. I really hope that you enjoyed it. BTW, please don’t forget to leave some questions as comments below this post or as e-mails to I will be doing a Q&A soon and every single question that will be submitted will receive an answer. But for now have a Tremendous Tuesday and So Long!

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4 thoughts on “So Many Relationships!?!?

      1. I still keep my opinion. Plus, what about all those girlfriends of all those sci-fi fans? They must really suffer being dragged to cinema every weekend or so. Why not make their lives a bit more bearable?

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