Drones – Sci-fi IRL

Drones are awesome. Whether you are playing with them, making a live-action movie with them, delivering pizza with them or just spying on the neighbors with them, they are always a blast!

Today we will be talking about… drones! Yes! These babies are spectacular! But first of all, let’s take a look at the very beginning. When was the first drone created? In 1849, Austrians sent a few battle drones to Venice. Well… sort of. The ”drones” were actually balloons tied to bombs. But they still worked!

The idea of actual drones that people can control from the ground didn’t come until the 1900s. They were mainly being used by the army to practice their aim on actual moving targets. Drones started being used much more when WWI broke out and battle drones would be mass-produced. No, I’m not talking about bombs tied to balloons this time. I’m talking about actual battle drones!

Between the two wars, mankind worked very hard to try and perfect drones. When WWII broke out, drones were being used much, much more than 20 years ago. Both the Allies and the Nazis had their own battle drones which they weren’t afraid of using.

Currently, drones are also being used by the CIA and by around 50 other countries’ military forces. But obviously, nowadays drones aren’t only being used by the army. Almost everyone can now have their own drone. Not to mention that they are also being used for other things like shooting movies and… delivering pizza?

Yes, Dominos Pizza is working on a pizza delivery drone! You can learn about the actual drone here and here about and even cooler robot their making (which technically isn’t a drone but it’s still really awesome).

What else do you think a drone could be used for? Let me know in the comments! BTW, please don’t forget to leave some questions as comments or email them to mikpe120@gmail.com.  But for now have a Tremendous Tuesday and So Long!

halloween ghost drone
This also looks like a pretty darn cool use for a drone!






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