Cliché Sci-fi Weapons

Science fiction stories often tell tales of what the world will look like in the future. It often has something to do with warfare. But many science fiction stories use the same futuristic weapons. Why’s that?

First of all, let’s remember that many of these sci-fi weapons are based on real-life weapons. For example, something similar to a laser blaster appears in many, many science fiction stories. This includes Star Wars, Max Steel, Legends of Tomorrow, Rick and Morty and Ratchet and Clank just to name a few. Now, these laser blasters are obviously based on guns and pistols in real-life. Some sort of lightsaber or plasma sword also often appears. These are obviously based on medieval swords from the past.

Now, this begs the question: Are most of these cliché sci-fi weapons based on weapons from real-life present times or are they upgraded versions of really old weapons? Well, okay. I will give myself the challenge of naming as many cliché sci-fi weapons as I can in 30 seconds:

  • laser sword
  • laser blaster
  • plasma grenade
  • plasma shield
  • laser knife


I think I did pretty well. But let’s see, are most of these based on present-time weapons or weapons from the past. First of all, the laser sword is obviously based on a weapon from the past. The laser blaster is based on a present-time weapon. The plasma grenade is based on a present-time weapon. The plasma shield is based on a weapon from the past and the laser knife is based on a weapon from the past.

So, to my surprise, most of the weapons that I named are based on weapons from the past. Now, what does this mean? Apparently science fiction stories are trying to take long-forgotten “technologies” from the past and upgrade them to make them even better. So, maybe sci-fi isn’t mainly about taking what’s really good about humanity and making it even better. Maybe it mainly about taking what not-so-good about humanity and making it good.

Phew! I must say, that I am pretty proud of this post. You should try doing the Name Cliché Sci-fi Weapons in 30 Seconds challenge for yourself. In case you do not believe me that I did it in no longer than 30 seconds, here is proof:

Anyway, that’s it for this post! BTW, please don’t forget to leave some questions as comments or email them to But for now have a Wonderful Wednesday and See Thee Soon!

star wars laser effects fury



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