Will Fox and MARVEL Lock a Deal? Part 1

So, there have been a lot of rumours lately about MARVEL and 20th Century Fox arranging a deal to have a shared universe where both the Avengers and the X-Men exist. What do I think about this actually happening? Well, read this post to find out!

First of all, a quick history of what is even going on here. Basically, there was a time when MARVEL went bankrupt. They were so shocked that they made some very quick decisions that would have long-lasting consequences. They had a big auction where they sold the rights to Namor to Universal Pictures and they sold the rights to the Man-Thing to Lionsgate Entertainment. They also sold the rights to both the X-men and the Fantastic Four to 20th Century Fox.

Sony Pictures wasn’t too keen on buying anything, but MARVEL persuaded them to buy the rights to Spiderman and the entire Spider-verse. Each company was also given a list of rules that they must follow. This includes stuff like There must be an end-credit scene or They cannot change their powers too much or the heroes cannot take drugs. Stuff like that. They were also all given a deal that the rights come back to MARVEL if they fail to make a movie for a certain amount of years..

MARVEL also sold MARVEL Entertainment to Disney. Find out more about that transaction by clicking here.

Anyway, Sony recently agreed on a shared universe with MARVEL and it has been confirmed that there are active negotiations going on regarding Namor. However, 20th Century Fox are making a lot of money from the X-men movies and aren’t easily letting MARVEL get away with the rights to the X-men.

Unfortunately, that is it for this for this post. But do not worry, part 2 will come out on Monday (tomorrow my fanfic will come out). I just wanted to get all of the boring, legal stuff out of the way first. For now have a Terrific Thursday and so Long!

pizza marvel avengers x-men wolverine
Best. GIF. Ever.


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