Will Fox and MARVEL Lock a Deal? Part 2

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Part one was all about what happened in the 1990s. Now let’s talk about everything that might happen in the 2010s. First of all, Sony and MARVEL agreed to have a shared universe in which Spidey can appear. Both companies benefited from this. So, many fans are hoping, that 20th Century Fox will be the next company to figure out a deal with MARVEL.

So this theory rose up that MARVEL and Fox have negotiated a deal. There isn’t much proof, but we will still go through everything. First of all, there are several untitled MARVEL movies that have been announced to come out after Infinity War. Secondly, some dude on Facebook who works for MARVEL said What’s going on will blow your mind. This probably means that Infinity War is going to be so awesome that it will blow everybody’s mind. But many people speculate that this means that MARVEL and 20th Century Fox have a deal.

I have some [insert whatever the hell the opposite of proof is]. These kinds of negotiations are planned years ahead. If MARVEL knew that they wanted to approach 20th Century Fox with this deal, then why did they have their own version of Quicksilver appear in last year’s Age of Ultron? This would create a lot of continuity issues. Now, I guess that maybe the X-men are going to be recast, so that would sort of explain it… but still. Secondly, all of those untitled MARVEL movies will probably just be sequels to the solo films. And third of all, that message the guy sent on Facebook was a reply to someone saying What happened? Either Inhumans got cancelled or MARVEL and Fox have a deal. And they full reply was Neither but what’s going on will really blow your mind.

So, there you go! Remember to stay tuned because tomorrow Part 3 will come out. BTW, please don’t forget to leave some questions as comments below this post or as e-mails to mikpe120@gmail.com. I will be doing a Q&A soon and every single question that will be submitted will receive an answer. Also, please fill in my survey by clicking here. It will only take you a few minutes. But for now have a Marvelous Monday and See Thee Soon!

The Avengers and the X-men have crossed over with each other many times before in the comics.


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