Will Fox and MARVEL Lock a Deal? Part 3

Click here to read part 1 and click here to read part 2. Enjoy 😉

Part 3 will be all about my personal thoughts on this theory. First of all, as I said yesterday, I think that this is extremely unlikely and will remain so for a long time. Here are my predictions: Fox will eventually go bankrupt and they won’t make any X-men movies for a few years, so the rights will go back to MARVEL. Fox originally also had the rights to Daredevil but that is exactly what happened. So MARVEL currently has the rights to Daredevil again and that’s how the Netflix show came to be.

But do I think that a MARVEL-Fox shared universe would even be a good idea? As I said, Quicksilver appeared in both franchises, so that would create an awful lot of continuity errors. So, the only way really would be to recast all of the X-men. And that could also turn out to be a catastrophe since people are used to Hugh Jackman and the gang playing the famous Uncanny Mutants.

There is one other way out. Maybe MARVEL and Fox could proceed with this whole shared universe thing, but it won’t be the X-men. It will be the Fantastic 4. After last year’s, epic failure, Fox probably do want to get rid of the FF. But will they fit into the MCU? Every single on-screen version of these heroes turned out to be a box-office failure. I don’t think that it’s necessarily Fox’s fault, I just don’t think that the Fantastic Four are the kind of heroes that you can make into a good live-action movie out of.

So yes, I would be excited if MARVEL and 20th Century Fox finally made a deal, but maybe not as excited as you could expect. I still think that a MARVEL-DC shared universe would be waaaaay cooler. And in some ways, that could actually be more realistic.

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