Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 – My Thoughts

There will be major spoilers ahead. Do NOT read this post if you haven’t read Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 yand you are planning on reading it. I am about to spoil the entire comic for you. If you are interested in reading it, you can buy the book here. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

So… this is the comic which caused the internet to (quite literally) explode a few days ago. First of all, I will talk about the whole comic and later I will tackle the big reveal at the end of the comic. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Basically, some time ago they did it so that Steve Rogers’s superhuman serum was taken from him and he rapidly aged to a ninety-year-old man. Sam Wilson (Falcon) became the new Captain America, but some fans weren’t very happy about the fact that Steve was retiring. MARVEL did it so that a cosmic cube helped Steve Rogers regain his super soldier serum and from now on there are two Captain Americas: Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

But there was also recently a break-out at Pleasant Hill (a prison) and many villains such as Baron Zemo escaped (no, not the Daniel Brühl version, the Helmut version). Red Skull is also starting a campaign and getting many Americans to join Hydra. Including Robbie, who we will get to in just a sec.

In this issue, we also keep getting flashbacks to Steve’s childhood where his father abused his mother, but a woman came along and saved Steve and his mom. She then took her to a restaurant and handed here a certain piece of paper…

Anyway, back to 2016. Captain America (Steve Rogers) is fighting some Hydra punks on a train they stole and he is talking to his boss/girlfriend, Sharon Carter. Oh yeah, Rick Jones now works with S.H.I.E.l.D because… comics are awesome!

Once Steve defeats all of the soldiers, he is ordered to leave the train as there was a suicide bomber on board. But, Steve refused to do so. He went into the cabin were Robbie, a poor kid who believed in Red Skull’s fascist ideologies was wrapped up in explosives like a Christmas tree is wrapped up in tinsel.

Steve obviously tries to talk Robbie out of it, but his attempts are vain. Robbie blows himself and the train up. May I just say, that I really liked this. Cap is always kicking Hydra ass, but now we actually got to see one of these Hydra idiots up-close and the writers actually made us feels sad about his death. This is similar to what they did in The Force Awakens and how they revealed that Stormtroopers are actually people taken from their family as little kids and brainwashed by the Empire.

Onwards and upwards, Steve gets some help from his former partners-in-crime: Jack Flag and Free Spirit. A little later on, they help Steve fight Baron Zemo. Basically, it’s all against. Red Skull wants to kill Steve and Zemo. Zemo wants to kill Red Skull and Steve. Steve want to kill Zemo and Red Skull. But does Steve want to kill someone else too?

We get another flashback at this point and that mysterious woman hands Steve’s mother a leaflet. On the leaflet, we get a big… that’s right… poop emoji! No, sorry. Wrong script. We get a big Hydra logo on it! From there, it all goes downhill. Steve throws Jack Flag off a plane and says Hail Hydra. SRSLY, Steve!?!?! I thought that you were the last decent man alive? Tomorrow I will discuss how I think about this reveal.

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