Romanoff, Barton S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 14 – The Teams Clash

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03:00 PM Loki signals his chituari army to come. The Avengers chill out.

04:00 PM The chituari are getting closer. The Avengers chill out.

05:00 PM The Chituari are getting even closer. The Avengers go out for lunch.

06:00 PM The Chituari are in the neighbouring state. The Avengers go to Tony’s swimming pool.

07:00 PM The Chituari stop to prepare all of their weapons. The Avengers have some coffee.

08:00 PM The Chituari are in the same state as the Avengers. The Avengers finally realise. They prepare their                              equipment and they suit up.

09:00 PM The Chituari are at the S.H.I.E.L.D base where Loki is. They start causing chaos. The Avengers managed to                    warn the city in advance and about half of New York managed to get evacuated. About half was still suck                  there. The Avengers got to the S.H.I.E.L.D base and are about to fight Loki and his army.


“We beat them once. We can beat them again!” Clint bellowed at the top of his voice.

“But they are now twice as strong,” Thor reminded him. Vision Shot a blast at Loki through the Infinity Sone in his forehead. Loki swiftly managed to deflect it. It was about to hit Cap in the chest, but he quickly managed to block it with his shield. Now it was headed towards a chituari. His head fell off onto the ground.

“One down. Only a few thousand more to go!” Wanda exclaimed sarcastically. The two teams fought bravely. It was tough, but every few minutes one of the Avengers managed to kill one of the chituari. But they soon realised that every time they killed a few, twice as many came in through the door. Just like the old saying goes… Cut off one head, two more will come to take its place. 

Falcon, who was just flying around without taking his finger off the trigger of his gun, suddenly noticed something. He landed right beside Cap and helped him deal with the chituari that was about to kick his ass.


“Yeah, Sam?”

“Remember back in 2014 when that terrorist organisation took over S.H.I.E.L.D? What was it called again?”

“I believe you’re talking about Hydra.”

“Yeah, that’s the one! You see, I don’t think that we are only dealing with aliens here. They have some very advanced weapons. Not just simple blasters. Actual Hydra weapons.”

“Damn it, Sam! You may be right. We need to find whoever the current leader of Hydra is. @%&#, this is the exact worst-case scenario I was afraid of.” Suddenly, Maria Hill appeared.

“Hydra fell apart. The previous leader, Ward, turned into an alien. The next director, Malick, was killed by alien-Ward. Alien-Ward is now pretty much the leader of Hydra again. Oh yeah, he can also kill people by pointing his finger at them.”

“Just what we needed!” War Machine joined Falcon, Cap and Maria. “Yet another super-powered guy we need to deal with!”

Alien-Ward A.K.A Hive


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