Romanoff, Barton S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 14 – Put the Alien in the Garage, Honey

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Some of the Avengers i.e. Cap, Hulk, Vision and Deathlock stayed to battle Loki and his army. Iron Man, Hawkeye, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Natasha and Maria Hill managed to track down Hive using satellite feeds. Thor went to Asgard to try and get the help of some fellow Asgardians. Falcon went to the US military to get their help.

Stark was the first to enter the Hydra base. “Ok, listen up, guys. This alien-Ward dude is somewhere in this base. Just keep a low profile and stay quiet…” suddenly he turned around and he could see Hive pointing his finger at Hawkeye. It looked as if sand particles were coming off his hand and attacking Clint. Natasha and Maria Hill were emptying their entire magazines on that monster. Tony and Rhodey were constantly firing at it with their repulsor rays. It didn’t work.

Just then, Wanda lifted Hive. When he reached the ceiling, she dropped him onto the ground.

“Damn you, bi…” Hive was saying to Wanda until he was interrupted by Tony’s comment.

“Hey, nice Force abilities, Luke.” Tony opened his mask to reveal a cheesy smile. Wanda rolled her eyes.

“I know, right?” said James Rhodes. But while the team was distracted, Hive managed to get up and walk over to Natasha. He grabbed her gun and pulled the trigger while the barrel was pointed at Tony’s face. Nothing fired.

“I’ll teach you how to use a gun. Step one: you need to make sure that it’s loaded,” Black Widow said sarcastically as she kicked Hive in the rib cage and tasered his with one of her batons. But he still seemed to be alive.

“This guy isn’t killable. We will have to put him into imprisonment!” exclaimed Maria.

“Veronica? Send me a temporary superhuman imprisonment unit,” Stark said calmly. Mere seconds later, the unit broke a hole in the roof and fell in. The Avengers worked together to put Hive into it. “Okay, Veronica. Send it to my garage.”

“So… we defeated this alien-ward guy, but how did this help us in the battle against Loki?” Hawkeye asked.

“Because he was gonna attack us while we were busy fighting Loki. Now we took care of him in advance,” Maria replied. The team got back to Manhattan and joined back into the real battle. There were now not only the Avengers but also the US army and many Asgardian warriors. Now there was no way they could possibly loose…

The most loyal fighters of Asgard… The Warriors Three


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