Why I Don’t Think X-men: Apocalypse is a Good Idea

Just to clarify, I did NOT watch X-men: Apocalypse. I am NOT planning to watch it and I probably won’t. This post contains absolutely no spoilers because I don’t even know any spoilers.

I enjoyed the original few X-men movies. They were fun. They were slightly darker than the MCU films but not as dark as the DCEU films. A little bit of a middle ground. 20th Century Fox currently holds the movie right to the X-men, but there is one condition. They must release an X-men movie every few years (not sure exactly how many though) This is why Fox is so determined to mass-produce these movies.

Now, one of the biggest highlights of the original X-men movies was the casting. However, Fox decided to rub out the entire continuity and so in X-men: Days of Future Past they literally got rid of the timeline. This way they have an excuse that it’s still technically in the same universe, but they are pretty much rebooting the franchise… with new casting.

So, obviously, a big part of the X-men in the comics is that many of them are still teenagers only learning to use their powers. I guess that’s the kind of stuff Fox wants to explore further with their movies. So I’m disappointed that there’s a new cast, but there is also another thing about this that makes me unhappy… the MCU.

People always talk about the X-men possibly joining the MCU. They often said that it shouldn’t happen, because they would probably have to get rid of the entire cast and reboot the whole franchise. And now that’s exactly what Fox did… only that without joining the MCU.

I just want to point out that I don’t think the movie X-men: Apocalypse is crap. I haven’t even watched it for gosh sake. I heard people say it’s a great movie. I just don’t think they should already reboot such a young franchise, that’s it. BTW, please don’t forget to leave some questions as comments below this post or as e-mails to mikpe120@gmail.com. I will be doing a Q&A soon and every single question that will be submitted will receive an answer. Also, please fill in my survey by clicking here. It will only take you a few minutes. But for now have a Marvelous Monday and See Thee Soon!


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