The Flash Season 2 Finale – My Thoughts

This was an awesome episode, dammit! By the way, this post will contain extreme, major spoilers for both seasons of The FlashPROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Jeez! This was a really fun episode to watch. As always, though, let’s get the negative stuff out of the way first. I guess that my biggest complaint was the end battle, as in that race Barry and Jay had. Barry just about won by creating a time duplicate of himself. First of all, we know that Zoom can also make time duplicates, so why didn’t he make one. Also, nobody really cared about that time duplicate of Barry dying. I mean, sure, Barry once said He sacrificed himself in a sad voice, but that doesn’t make up for anything.

If time duplicates work the way they explained them, doesn’t that mean there is now a reality of a few second ago where the Flash no longer exists? So although they defeated Zoom in the normal reality, a reality that is happening 5 seconds ago doesn’t have any way of defending itself since the Scarlet Speedster is no longer around. You selfish fool, Barry!

But, to be honest, I don’t have any more major complaints. I do, however, have many things about this episode that I enjoyed. I really liked it when multiple times they actually showed the team fighting Zoom and his goons without the Flash’s help. This happened twice: when Cisco and Caitlin dressed up as Vibe and Killer Frost. This also happened when the team managed to banish Zoom to Earth 2, but they sent Joe with him. This brings me to another point. Was bringing Joe back really worth killing the Flash from another reality? I don’t think so but never mind.

There were many other things I enjoyed like hell about this episode. The Flash finally broke that time paradox which was tearing people apart since the season 1 finale. Barry finally went back to that night when Eobard Thawn broke into his house, and Barry fixed what Eobard destroyed. Finally!

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Did you catch out that Easter Egg? If not, here it is: The reason John Wesley Shipp was hired to play Henry (Barry’s father) in ‘The Flash’ is because John previously played the Scarlet Speedster in a much older adaptation. So, as a nice little homage, Jon Wesley turns out to play the Flash from ‘Earth 3’. Wait a minute… so does that mean that both TV shows are in the same multiverse???


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