Captain America: The Model of Laziness!?!?

Captain America is known for promoting patriotism, freedom and many other nice things. But does his story also strongly promote being a lazy couch potato? 

Now, for the sake of this post we are going to have to ignore the recent controversies surrounding Steve’s Hail Hydra speech. Let’s just pretend that Cap is still all aboard for being a national American hero. Because whether you like it or not, Steve won’t be a Hydra agent forever and this storyline will either resolve itself naturally or it will soon be retconned.

So, how can The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan possibly promote laziness? Well, think about it! What is his origin story? During the Second World War, young Steven Rogers didn’t exactly feel like actually training to get the muscles to be a soldier. Nah! He just took part in a lab experiment.

That’s right! Tony Stark was in a cave captured by terrorists and he had to build his suit from scraps while under extreme pressure. Thor Odinson had to prove himself worthy to his father of wielding Mjolnir. Bruce Banner had to create and gamma bomb and he protected Rick Jones from it, using his own body as a human shield. But not Steve. Nope! All he had to do was sign up for some lab experiment.

This is extremely ironic too since Cap was created to encourage Americans to fight on the WW2 frontlines. Heck, issues were even sent to soldiers in trenches! So the person encouraging all these brave Americans to start training physically to be able to fight for freedom was a guy who only has a six-pack because his girlfriend, Peggy, convinced him to become a lab rat.

I guess that the movies tried to cover this up a bit by saying that the reason Steve couldn’t train was because he had various health problems… but still! In both the movies and the comics Cap literally just walks around in a costume that someone made for him, holding a shield that someone made for him and showing off abs that someone made for him!

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Cap’s laziness is further proven by the fact that he decided to take a nap for 70 years.



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