Romanoff, Barton & S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 15 – A Shocking Experience

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“So what did you do to this alien dude?” Falcon asked Stark.

“Locked him up in my garage,” Tony replied.

“Y’sure he won’t get out?”

“There ain’t a chance in hell!” The Avengers were quite busy fighting an army of aliens, but they still had time for some friendly banter.

“I’m sure glad Loki isn’t here anymore. The battle would be much harder with him as well,” Deathlock remarked. And then, pretty much every other member of the Avengers said some sort of curse word.

“I forgot about that son of a…” Cap started but Tony stopped him.

“Language, Steve!”

“I hate you.”


   It was a dark room. It was soundproof, so as soon as you entered it, you were isolated from the sound of the battle outside. There were dead S.H.I.E.L.D agents lying everywhere. It was just Loki and the safe. For all of his recent time on Earth, Loki was only using a sword he stole from Odin’s armory. He dropped the sword and it made a loud clank as it hit the metal floor. The entire room was metal.

     Suddenly, as Loki was going to bend down towards the safe his brother, Thor, broke a big hole in the room using Mjolnir. “Stop what you’re doing, brother!”

     “Thor! How many time must I tell you that I’m not your brother? I am the son of Laufey, the greatest leader of the Frost Giants!”

       “I don’t care who’s son you are, Loki. To me, you will always be my brother!”

       “…Unless I kill you.”

       “Why would you kill me!?!?”

       “Because I don’t care about the so-called Avengers. They are a piece of cake. You are the only person actually stopping me from…”

        “From what? Why are you doing this?”

        “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you!” Thor was surprised. Was Loki working for someone? Just then, Loki bent down in front of the safe.

         “No!!!” Thor bellowed.

         “Stop me,” Loki said. Thor noticed that the room was fully metal. He focused all lightning to his hammer and hit it on the ground with all his might. The room was metal. Metal conducts electricity. Loki fainted. Thor carried him away to Asgard. When he got there, he realised that Odin was dead. It was time for him to be the King of Asgard.

thor hammer lightning the dark world


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