Reboot Mania

Loads of old science fiction movies are currently getting reboots, remakes, and sequels. But do all these movies necessarily need this treatment.

This is how the movie industry works: First, a movie is made. Then trailers come out. If people are hyped up by the trailers, more cinemas will screen this movie and more companies will make merch. When the movie finally comes out, it will make a certain amount of money in the box office. If it makes very little money, the movie will be forgotten forever. If it makes a lot of money, the studio will most likely make a sequel.

This is how the movie industry used to work: A movie comes out. Some cinemas screen it. Some cinemas don’t. If it makes a lot of money, that’s good. If it doesn’t, that’s not as good. But if people actually believe it’s a good movie, there might still be a sequel.

We are currently in a time when new blockbuster movies with awesome special fx keep being made, but some people are still very nostalgic about quite old movies. As a result of this, many studios insist on rebooting old movie franchises hoping that people will pay to watch them, just because of the fact it used to be a great movie a few decades ago.

This year alone, in 2016, Independence Day and Ghostbusters are both getting a sequel or a reboot. I think that one of these movies actually needs and deserves this, and one doesn’t.

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters was a very popular sci-fi comedy. It had a few movies. It was about a small squad that specializes in busting ghosts. In my opinion, this movie doesn’t need a reboot. Especially not the way they are heading with it. Seriously, a brand new cast? What the heck!

4th of July will no longer be an American holiday! Independence Day was an awesome sci-fi movie which at the time had groundbreaking special fx. This movie was the father of all modern alien-invasion movies. The plot was quite open ended. I mean, the aliens couldn’t possibly have given up so easily, right? This movie ABSOLUTELY deserves a sequel and I’m glad it’s getting one.

Seriously, though, there are so many sequels and reboots of old movies coming out. There is a joke that Back to the Future will get a reboot. I bet that Harrison Ford (Han Solo) would play Doc Brown and Grant Gustin (Barry Allen) would play Marty McFly.

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Ghostbusters ghostbusters original ghostbusters


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