The Sci-fi Pie Comic Castle!

Yay! I can now store all of my comics in one lovely place. And I made it myself too!

Straight off the bat, I want to apologise that this post is going up way later than it should. This is mainly because today was supposed to be a Quiz Time post and I wrote the whole thing, but then there was a whole bunch of technical difficulties with the way the polls were being embedded, so I eventually just had to scrap it.

But that’s enough excuses, let’s get on with the post! I recently noticed that need some nice tidy place to store my comics. I got some cardboard and I made The Sci-fi Pie Comic Castle. I’m pretty proud of it and from now on this is where I will be keeping all my comics.

Every six months I plan to make a Comic Castle Update. In these updates, I will show you guys an extra decoration I added to the castle and how my comics collection managed to grow over the last half a year.

There isn’t really much more for me to say about it, but you can feel free to watch this video I made:

BTW, please don’t forget to leave some questions as comments below this post or as e-mails to I will be doing a Q&A soon and every single question that will be submitted will receive an answer. Also, please fill in my survey by clicking here. It will only take you a few minutes. But for now have a Tremendous Tuesday and So Long!



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