Steve Rogers: Captain America #2 – My Thoughts

The second issue has been out for a few days now, so I thought that I could now do my review of the comic. Check out my posts about the first issue in the series by clicking here and here. Please, note that both of those posts and the post you are about to read right now contain major spoilers for the series. Proceed at your own risk. 

Sheez! This is a strong comic. Red Skull makes friends Kobik the Cosmic Cube. Oh yeah, just to clarify, Kobik is a little girl. So Red Skull reads her bedtime stories about the world’s biggest terrorist organisation (no joke) and she eventually… infiltrates Cap.

Well, it doesn’t all happen that quickly. First, she manipulates Dr. Erik Selvig. Then she makes S.H.I.E.L.D a superhuman prison called Pleasant Hill. Then Baron Zemo make a breakout, Red Skull disguises himself as a priest, let’s old Steve Rogers go, but he get’s beaten up by Crossbones, then Kobik walks up to him, makes him young again and manipulates him to join Hydra. Oh yeah, one more thing: Red Skull apparently planned all of this, even though he didn’t tell Zero to do the breakout and he didn’t tell Kobik to manipulate Steve.

One thing that I really liked about this comic, is that it was written completely from Red Skull’s perspective, with his thought bubbles breaking the fourth wall and acting like a narrator. I rather enjoyed that, because we rarely get comics all about the villains.

But what do I think about the way they explained Cap’s Haily Hydra speech? Well… I said in the post in which I talked about the first issue, that I don’t want them to just do it that he was being brainwashed. I mean, he wasn’t technically being brainwashed; he was being manipulated. But that’s still pretty much the same thing. At least they had a pretty legit story with how Red Skull makes friends with Kobik and all. At least it wasn’t just: Red Skull captures Cap. Red Skull hypnotises Cap. Red Skull releases Cap.

We also have to remember that still not everything was fully explained yet. For example, why Cap tried to talk that Hydra guy on the train out of killing himself and what happened before the Second World War after Steve’s mother was given that Hydra brochure. But I have a little theory about that. I will discuss the theory with you guys in the next post…

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