Don’t worry, Cap isn’t really Hydra… or is he!?!?

As you should know by now (so I shall have absolutely no regrets in saying this without a spoiler warning) Steve Rogers recently said Hail Hydra right after killing fellow hero, Jack Flag. Does this mean Steve was a Hydra agent all along… no it doesn’t, because it was explained an issue later that he was actually just being manipulated by Kobik, the Cosmic Cube. So he will soon probably just ‘return to the Light side of the Force’ and once again lead the fight against Hydra, right? 

In the first issue, we saw a few flashbacks. In a nutshell, a kind woman in a red scarf took Steve and his mother out for dinner, followed by giving his mother a Hydra leaflet. Totally oblivious to Hydra’s true colours, she took the leaflet and thanked for it.

Now, it was very strongly implied that this memory was put into Steve’s mind as part of the mind manipulation Kobik gave him. But, wait a minute, she didn’t brainwash or mind-control him. She manipulated him. It may not really seem like a huge difference, but manipulation is suggesting something to a person, while brainwashing them is putting an idea into their mind strongly against will.

Kobik told Red Skull that she likes Fixing people. It is possible that Red Skull previously brainwashed her, to then think she’s fixing people while she’s actually completely ruining them into joining Hydra. But I have another idea. What if all of those flashbacks from Steve’s childhood were real? What if, completely naïve about what she was doing, Steve’s mother actually did join Hydra and little Steve followed their ideologies. However, as he joined Project: Rebirth and learned what Hydra really is, he managed to ignore those memories of the past and start to fight Hydra. 

So, when Kobik got to him, she didn’t completely change his mind about Hydra, she just shifted them a tiny bit, making him remember how much Hydra did for him and his mother. So, as soon as Cap joins S.H.I.E.L.D again (which will happen very soon) he still won’t exactly be 100% non-Hydra. At heart, he will always remember that woman in the red scarf.

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”For Hydra!!!”




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