Romanoff, Barton & S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 17 – A Fizz and a Pop

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It was exactly midnight. Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill were at the S.H.I.E.L.D lab. There was only one light on, so it was still pretty dark.

“Does anyone know you came?” Natasha asked.

“No. Anyone know you came?”


“Okay, we want to do this as quickly as possible. We don’t want anybody else from the team getting injured. Come a little closer. I need to take a sample of your blood.”

“Sure.” Natasha took two steps towards Maria, who took a bit of her blood with a syringe.

“Thank you,” Maria said. “Now, could you please hold this for me.” She handed Natasha a small bottle. Nat grabbed hold of it. Maria poured in some purple liquid, followed by some green liquid, followed by some orange liquid, followed by Natasha’s blood.

“That’s it?”

“Nope. We need to freeze it and leave it for a few hours in room temperature.”

“But it’s gonna take for ages to freeze and by the time we…” but Maria didn’t let her finish. She just took out her icer gun from her back pocket and shot the bottle.

“Yeah, I guess that’ll work too.” They left the bottle on the table. Natasha had just taken her nap a few hours ago, so she went off to join the other Avengers in the battle. Maria Hill refused to take a nap last time it was her turn, so she lie down on the floor beside the table. When the mixture was ready, she would hear a loud fizz followed by a pop.


      Hawkeye shot an explosive arrow at a group of Chitauri. His hand then ventured into his quiver, only that he realised he once again ran out of arrows. He tracked down Stark.

     “Hey, Tony!”

     “Yeah, Legolas?”

     “Listen, man, I’m out of arrows. I’m gonna have to go to your tower to get some more again. S’that okay with you?” Iron Man blasted a Chitauri’s head off, and slowly landed his armour. He then lifted his mask and spoke to Hawkeye.

     “Listen, Clint. Last time you went up, you took the last batch.”

     “What the hell!?!!”



       “Mate, if you go to my weaponry on the 23rd floor, you’ll find a collection of fine Barretts. You can take one and come back to help us fight.”

        “You want me to use a sniper?”

         “It’s just like a bow and arrow, only way more lethal.”

          “But the bow and arrow is kindda my thing… I’m used to it.”

           “You have an insanely good accuracy, right?”


            “Great, you’ll have no problem using one of my Barrett’s then!”


   Maria Hill suddenly woke up. The bottle on the table was fizzing very hard. Before she got a chance to become fully conscious of here surroundings, there was a popping noise coming from the bottle. She picked it up and used her S.H.I.E.L.D ID badge to go through a security door. She entered a small room with a big machine. When Agent Barton first joined S.H.I.E.L.D and everyone noticed his outstanding talent with the bow, Nick Fury personally designed a machine to mass-produce arrows for him. There is a slot where you add whatever you want to be in the tip. They usually put in poison or gunpowder, but Maria poured in the entire bottle of the liquid. As the arrows were being made, she called Hawkeye.

     “Clint, ya’there?”

     “Yup, I’m there.”

      “How many arrows do you have left?”

       “Exactly zero.”


         “How the hell is that great?”

         “Because I made some new arrows for you.”

         “What the… thank you! You are so awesome!!!”

         “Where are you?”

          “On the roof of Stark Tower.”

           “Actually, it’s been renamed to Avengers Tower.


            “I’ll be there is a sec to give you your new arrows.”

the avengers avengers hawkeye
Hawkeye is super badass… as long as he has some arrows.


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