MCM Comic Con Dublin 2016!

I recently went to MCM Comic Con in Dublin. *YAY!* Seriously, though, it was so much fun. In this post, I will tell you a little bit about my experience. 

This was my second time attending this event. My first time was in 2015. Once again, it was plenty of fun. I must say that my favourite part was the Cosplay Massacre. It was basically a competition for all of those who decided to cosplay. The three winners are going to London to some cosplay championships. Unfortunately, I didn’t cosplay myself (neither this year nor last year) but I promised myself that for next year I will make a freaking awesome costume. By the way, if you scroll down on this post, you will see my vlog of the day. The vlog contains a few clips from the Cosplay Massacre.

There were also lots of stands and stalls. There was even an entire stall that was only selling swords, sabres, katanas, lightsabers, etc. I bought a small katana with a sheath. It’s really damn awesome! There were also lots of celebrities this year. I didn’t really care about most of them, but I got to meet Bob Layton. He is a really cool comic book artist. I got him to sign my Weirdworld Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D variant cover.

Each year there is also a big area called Comic Village. Lots of independent comic companies get to have small stands there and sell their comics. I bought a really cool comic by Back Pocket Comics called The Vim Initiative. Their style of drawing and storytelling is really epic. If you ever see them somewhere, you should definitely give them a shot. And don’t worry, the second issue of the Vim Initiative isn’t coming out until 2017.

Overall, it was a very fun day. I cannot wait until next year. As I mentioned, next year I will definitely enter the cosplay competition. BTW, please don’t forget to leave some questions as comments below this post or as e-mails to I will be doing a Q&A soon and every single question that will be submitted will receive an answer. Also, please fill in my survey by clicking here. It will only take you a few minutes. But, for now, have a Wonderful Wednesday and See Thee Soon!


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