Romanoff, Barton & S.H.I.E.L.D Chapter 18 – Flashback

       2 days earlier

    “Have you ever been treated before in the cradle, Mr. Rogers?”

“No, this is my first time.” Dr. Helen Cho was doing her best to get Cap back on his feet.

“This is going to sting a lot. There will constantly be pain. It will take a bit longer, but I can drug you if you want.” Steve chuckled.

“No, thank you. I’m used to pain.” Suddenly there was a loud noice coming from the garage. It sounded like some sort of crash. Helen Cho paused for a moment.


“Yes, Dr. Cho?”

“Can you please fully lock all entrances and exits to and from the garage?”

“Of course, Dr. Anything else?”

“Yes, could you please show me security footage of the garage.”

“Certainly.” Helen Cho stood there awkwardly for about 20 seconds. “F.R.I.D.A.Y?”


“I asked you to do something.”

“I’m sorry. My system isn’t allowing me to do that.” Helen cursed. Then she got back to working on Steve.

2 days later

      Hawkeye and Maria Hill were on the roof of Stark Tower. Maria just gave Hawkeye his new set of arrows. He was kneeling down and perfectly hitting each target… each chituari warrior. Maria was shooting them with the sniper Tony previously gave Clint.

       “Listen, Clint. Those aren’t normal arrows. They aren’t for killing. Every time you shoot a chituari, it dies. But the tip of the arrow releases a mist. All of the chituari in a certain range will be able to break through Loki’s brainwashing and start fighting for us.” Hawkeye was mindblown.


3 days earlier

      Loki just got up from his operation bed. Some magic was used on him to heal him from the electric shock he excperienced. He went out of the building into the “city-center” of Asgard. He hasn’t been here for such a long time. Last time he was in Asgard, he was in a stinky prison cell.

      Loki entered a temple. As he got closer to the oltar, he noticed something shiny. Very shiny. It was a golden staff with a blue gem on top of it. It was his sceptre. Loki grabbed it and ran, ran, ran to the bifrost. It still wasn’t fully repaired from when Thor broke it a few year ago, but it was now fixed enough to just about be able to make a risky journey to Midgard. He took his chance.

          Guards started chasing him. But Loki just kept on running across the rainbow bridge to the bifrost. A few seconds later, he found himself on some dessert. He must have been far away from his army, but now he was unstopable. Suddenly, he saw a miitary van, full of soldiers going on the road. They must have been reinforcments being sent to help fight the chituari in Manhattan. Loki illusioned himself to look like a US soldier and stopped the van.

           “I was going to Manhattan to fight, but our van was overpacked and I had to get off. I can see you guys still have quite a bit of space. Could I please go with you?”

            “Yeah, sure. Hop on.”

        1 day later

           Loki broke into the garage of Stark Tower. He found Hive (alien Ward) in some sort of containment.

            “C’mon, Loki. Break me out!”

            “No. You have failed me, Hive.” Loki blasted Hive with his sceptre. The containment fell on top of one of Tony’s cars. There was a loud noise. Hive was dead. Then somebody was going down the stairs.

             “Don’t you dare make a single sound!” Loki commanded. The guy walked up closer.

             “Who are you?”

             “I’m an IT specialist here, for when Tony isn’t home… for example now.”

              “Who the hel is an IT specialist?!?”

               “…I work with computers.”

               “Good. Does Tony have an sort of security?”

                “Well, yeah… ‘course he does.”

                 “Whatever the hel an AI is, I want you to disarm her.”

                  “Or what?”

                   “Or you’re gonna die a slow, painful death.”

                   “I don’t care. I’m not helping you.” He knew there wasn’t any point in screaming, because the only other poeple in the tower at the moment were Helen Cho and Steve Rogers. But they were on the third last floor.

                   “Bad choice.” Then, things got very ugly. Loki started torturing the guy. Eventually, he disarmed F.R.I.D.A.Y’s security system. But he was still very brave. In the end, Loki sliced his head off, so he wouldn’t say anything.

                    Loki went outside to test his sceptre. It seemed much more powerful than the lest time he used it. And then he remmbered that S.H.I.E.L.D were running experiments on it. They made this a super-weapon. Not to mention the Asgardians were also probably putting some spells on it. Now, he was definitely unstopable!

            2 days later

            “Hey, Maria.”

            “Yeah, Clint?”

             “Do you see that?”

             “See what?” Hawkye pointed a figure running through Manhattan.

             “Gosh dammit.”

“Is that what I think that is?”

“Yeah, Clint. It sure is.”


               Suddenly, Loki felt the pain of being shot. He saw one of his own chituari trying to kill him. Then he saw several of his own chituari trying to kill him. “What in the name of…” With one swing of his sceptre, he killed them.

It’s so hard to resist going for it…





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