Questions and Answers!!!

For ages, I’ve been teasing a Q+A on my blog. Now, it is finally here!!! I announced the Q+A in my 100th post. This is my 159th post and I am finally doing it! XD

First up, we have a few questions from Wizepuppy. I’ll try to rapid-fire through them:

Favourite superhero: Iron Man all the way!

Favourite superpower: I would like to have Ant-man’s power of shrinking and growing at will the most.

Would you prefer to live in the MARVEL or DC universe: Both universes are pretty damn dangerous, but I think MARVEL is still the safer option. Plus, I barely don’t read DC comics and barely watch DC movies. So all of my fav characters are in the MARVEL universe.

What is the weirdest fact about yourself: Hmm… definitely the fact that I have a YT channel about chewing gum.


Thank you very much, Wizepuppy, for your question. The next three are from Astanuch:

What motivates you to write the blog every day? It’s fun.

 Are you going to turn it into a business? Umm, probably not. Definitely not yet. It would be nice to monetize it one day just to have a bigger budget for my blog (so I could review more films, invest in better equipment for my channel, etc.) but I’m definitely still very far from ever turning it into a business.

Who taught you use WordPress? You did. Thank you, mum.


Those were some great questions. This one is from Ishaan Das:

Why did you think about the Avengers? Because they are awesome!!! I try to write as many posts about them as I can. 


And here’s what Anna asked: 

Do you schedule your posts or really write them everyday? I write them everyday. After the Summer Holidays, I want to start writing them a day earlier and scheduling them, so I can avoid being late with posting.


Probably the best question out of all of them is LegoTracksuit‘s:

On a scale of one to ten, how awesome is LegoTracksuit’s YouTube channel? You were a guest on my podcast, buddy, so I  will shamelessly say ’10’.


Thank you so much for your questions, guys! It was lots of fun answering them all! But for now have a Tremendous Tuesday and So Long!!!

                                           IFC danny masterson that '70s show stupid question i don't answer stupid questions


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